Folk + Rock + Americana + Outlaw + Country + Rockabilly + Russian = Theone

Theone began recording her first album, Empty Feelings, in Flagstaff, Arizona in May 2014. After finishing the rest of the tracks in San Diego, CA, she released her debut album in June 2016, under the production of Ty Cox and Steve Russell. 

"It was a journey", Theone says about her studio time and the release of Empty Feelings. "I remember waking up from a dream with the title track in my head. I made it a reality, and now here it is on this shiny new CD". 

The title track, "Empty Feelings" features a mixture of pop-bluegrass, folk-rock, and country. It stands out from her other songs on the album, which capture that classic roots-rock sound, with a flare of blues and country. "Dreamer", track number two, has a likeness of a Sheryl Crow groove. "Bullet with a Smile", based on a true events, is a sassy rumba rocker with an eerie undertone, which adds a darker feeling to the album. 

Scott Simon of ShaNaNa commented on the title of the album saying it makes it seem like it's a darker album than what it is. The truth is that having empty feelings isn't dark at all. We all have those empty feelings from time to time. "It's that emotional state where we've just gone through a tough time, and we are on the path towards acceptance, but not quite there yet. We don't feel sad anymore, we don't feel happy, we just feel a bit empty. And that's okay. It leaves room for so many other real feelings and new perspectives to finally come in," 


Empty Feelings
Theone (Rising)